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How Your Mind Works

March 6, 2013

in SuperLiving

How Your Mind WorksMind research is one of the most exciting developments in recent science.

Most of your mind is working below your level of consciousness, and has much in common with other animals. The small part that reaches your conscious level, is a human characteristic. What makes you an individual is the particular set of patterns that you hold in your mind, which have formed over your lifetime. These characteristics determine your thoughts, behaviour and emotions, and influence your happiness, health and success. We all have the ability to change many of the characteristics which do not serve us well, and replace them with better ones, but the process is not always easy. Your mind is not just in your brain but the body and mind form an integrated information network.

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Half The People Treated For High Blood Pressure Obtain No BenefitLatest study shows drugs give no benefit for mild hypertension.

The latest study from the independent Cochrane Collaboration examines the benefit of taking drugs to lower mildly raised blood pressure, typically between 140/90 to 159/99. Current recommendations are that anybody with this level of blood pressure is treated with blood pressure lowering drugs if lifestyle changes have not been able to bring the levels down.

Currently, about half of all people treated for high blood pressure are in this range. Strangely, there has never been a published drug trial examining the benefits of drug treatment for this group. This new study teased out participants from published drug trials with this level of hypertension, and found that there was no benefit in lowering heart problems or stroke, which is what these drugs are taken for, but that drug side effects could be significant.

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Syndol Is Back In Stock

July 13, 2012

in Health

Syndol Is Back In StockSyndol is now back in stock after a six month absence.

Many people find Syndol particularly effective for tension headaches and migraine pain, due to it’s unique formulation. Customers often say that they have tried similar products and have found them less effective. The unique ingredient is doxylamine, which is combined with with paracetamol and codeine.

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Insomnia & Sleep Problems Affect Your HealthA good night’s sleep is essential for health and a lack of sleep can cause health problems.

Many people are not getting enough sleep in today’s hectic society, either through cutting back on the time to sleep, or through insomnia and sleep problems. This does not give the body and the brain time to repair and recuperate, and can lead to health problems such as weight gain, depression, heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and type 2 diabetes.

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Nytol For Temporary Sleep ProblemsMany people have temporary sleep problems, and sleeping tablets are not the answer, but Nytol can help.

Antihistamine sleeping products, such as Nytol, don’t have the same addictive potential as prescribed sleeping tablets and can be really useful for the odd times when sleeping is a problem, or for getting back into a good sleep routine.

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Metabolic Syndrome

July 5, 2012

in Health

Metabolic SyndromeMetabolic Syndrome is the half way stage to poor health, and very many people have it.

Metabolic syndrome is caused by the excessive consumption of carbohydrates in the diet. This is just the first marker on the journey to ill health such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Understanding the part carbohydrates play in nutrition is the key to reversing this condition and journeying back to health.

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The 10 Secrets Of 100% Healthy PeopleSo many people are confused about what they need to do to be healthy. This book shows you how.

Patrick Holford’s research has shown that only about 6% of the UK population are in optimal health, 50% in moderate health and 44% in poor or very poor health. The aim of the book is to help everyone to improve their health by cutting through the confusion and showing the simple steps needed to achieve this.

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Kira Low Mood Relief St John's WortSt John’s Wort has become popular for low mood and depression, but many brands disappeared from the market as they cannot afford the expense of the new herbal products licensing regulations.

Kira LowMood Relief is a leading German product and is fully licensed, and our most popular St John’s Work supplement.

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How Different Diets Affect Your BodyIf you eat different diets, but with the same number of calories, what is the effect on your body?

A study has just been published examining the different effect that popular diets have on the body, each having the same number of calories. See how the government recommended diet, Low glycemic, Atkins & Paleolithic diets compare.

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