Our First E-Book – Defeat Depression

November 11, 2011

in Happiness, Health

Defeat Depression

We are proud to announce the launch of our first downloadable E-Book – Defeat Depression. This has been specially written for us by by Wendy Green, who has written many books on a wide range of health problems, and we have helped by doing the formatting and publishing. We recommend this E-Book as a guide to help defeat depression.

It has taken a lot longer that we thought to finish this E-Book, but we have learned a lot about web publishing along the way, and believe that this is a really good book, which looks at depression in a holistic way, and helps anyone understand what depression is, how they got there and how they can recover and find their way back to happiness.

One big advantage of an E-book is hyperlinks, and we have made use of this to hyperlink to many other online resources to extend the usefulness of this book.

For more information see Defeat Depression (Downloadable E-Book).

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